Wanna Survive Mod Apk V1.1.0

As you can understand by the name, this is a type of game. This game comes in the strategy category. This game is quite different from the other normal or regular games which we have played till now. We can also say that this game is not common for all the users as well. The developers of this weird looking Game are PINIX.  The latest version of the game which is available in the market is V1.1.0 although this is a very different game so too many people also don’t know about this game so it has very few of the downloads right now.

Wanna Survive Mod Apk V1.1.0

Apk Mod Survive Wanna

It is a type of role-playing game with Zombies in it. You just have to face them in the whole game for your win over them. As the game developed so we tell you about this that the zombies are bloodthirsty. So you have to keep yourself safe during the game otherwise you can win the game. This game looks so scary too so we must tell you that f you are brave enough to fight in this game and face them as well so this game is for you. you can play this game.

Here while playing the game, you can explore many locations too. You have to collect more heroes like you who will help you out in fighting against the Zombies because if you are alone then it would be difficult for you to face all the zombies but if you have other brave heroes with you so it becomes easy to face the zombies anytime. For fighting with them you have to make the proper strategy as well.

You have to choose all your weapons very much carefully. If one of your heroes will die so you are unable to replay or save him. So overall it is very different and adventures or scary games. But if you love to play this type of game then you can try this once.

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Here we have discussed all the important information about the game. I hope you will found this article useful to you and also like the article as well. Wanna survive is very much different game to play. Till now very few people know about his but now you can also go and check this game if you want to play this zombie game. All you have to fight with the zombies and try to win and face them.

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