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SuperSu App is a ‘superuser’ administration tool that allows you to administer the privileges enjoyed by all of the apps you have installed. Basically, it gives you total control over your Android device. For root, your apps SuperSu App is one of the world’s most popular tool. SuperSu allows the advanced level of management for a superuser that means a superuser can access rights for all the apps on your device that need root.

The SuperSu is very popular and well known in the international security field and it has a great work advantage SuperSu has good compatibility and the best thing is there are no ads. SuperSu 2.78 has become a great tool for tech gurus, gamers and Android developers around the world because it fixes some android upgraded compatibility issues that occur in some  Nougat firmware in various devices.

SuperSU App 2.78

Some modifications that SuperSu makes to SELinux combined with stricter service execution rules in Nougat. The SuperSu updated version also modified absence of explicit security labels in the startup scripts of some firmware, could lead to some scripts not being executed. On many firmware, this issue didn’t occur at all, but on some (S7 Nougat Beta, CM14.1/RR-N on various devices)it occurs and because of this issue it could lead to Wi-Fi, cellular, and other modem-related features not working.

Forget rid of some annoying popups the SuperSu GUI is changed, this change allows now to disable Samsung’s SecurityLogAgent component as part of disabling KNOX. The company has also released a custom package for gaining root access to the HTC 10‘s new Nougat update

Chainfire started work on getting SuperSu compatible with the Pixel and Pixel XL.there have been some other fixes for things like sukernel, supolicy, suinit, and making sure SuperSu worked alongside TWRP as soon.

Most of the changes in this update are related to the A/B partition layout of the Pixel phones, but that it included some additional fixes as well. A little change we’re told about is a System bind, and how SuperSu has now replaced the /system to /system_root/system symlink with a bind mount for devices that have the A/B partition layout (like we see in the Pixel and Pixel XL). This change fixes the absolute paths to something that Android actually expects and as a result, it has fixed the System UI crash issue when the battery dropped to 15%. Chainfire says this will also fix some root apps that manipulate the /system partition as well.

SuperSu 2.78 has minor changed at the security level,  Coding Code Mobile Technology (CCMT) is very concerned about safeguarding the confidentiality of your information, it not collect Personal Information, and employ administrative, physical and electronic measures designed to protect your Non-Personal Information from unauthorized access and use. Please be aware that no security measures that we take to protect your information are absolutely guaranteed to avoid unauthorized access or use of your Non-Personal Information which is impenetrable.


  • File-based-encryption support
  • CCMT: Add privacy policy dialog
  • CCMT: Update translation files
  • su+gui: support /system_root paths
  • sukernel: add kernel binary extract/replace
  • sukernel: add kernel cmdline extract/replace
  • sukernel: add system_root import
  • sukernel: add slot-kernel patch
  • sukernel: support /boot paths
  • suinit: new binary component
  • ZIP: Support for A/B slot systems with/inside system partition

The rest of the changelog is as below:

  • subinary: Adjust app_process detection with manipulated mount namespaces
  • subinary: Adjust Zygote PID detection to prefer 64-bit
  • subinary: Fix possible NPE in LD_PRELOAD sanitization
  • subinary: In systemless mode, ensure PATH contains/su/bin and /su/xbin
  • supolicy: Ensure zero-on-allow for new rules
  • supolicy: Fix parsing allowxperm with multiple sources/targets in a single definition
  • ZIP/Systemless: Give su.d 60 seconds to execute (from 4 seconds)
  • Fix ‘Full Unroot’ on slot-based systems
  • supolicy: adjust priv_app policy to be able to call us
  • launch_daemonsu: adjust su.img size detection

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