QRbot Mod Apk V2.3.3

As we all know in today’s century we all use so many new-new applications and we also play many games. The most important thing which we have to keep in mind is the security of our device. Now we tell you what is QRbot this app is very much useful to us as per the security of our device or mobile phone. What QRbot do is that is scans all the types of the QR codes or the barcodes with the help of a QR code reader or QRbot.

QRbot Mod Apk

Apk Mod QRbot

If we talk about the safety of our device then for that purpose the app is excellent. Many times what happens we use the internet and we surf different-different sites so while doing this there are a lot of chances that your system or device is affected by the harmful threats. So if you use the QRbot app then the risk of this thing gets minimum. It protects your device from all the external threats and harmful malicious things.

One of the most amazing things which we have liked in this app is that While installing you don’t need to give or allow the so-called permissions like of contact or photos or etc to the app. It will install without any type of permissions which is a very good thing about the application. You can scan anything directly with your camera with ease. Many times what happens you are in dark light and at that time you are looking to scan something so in this situation this app is very useful to us, you can activate the flashlight easily and scan.

The user needs Android 6.0 or + for using this app. QRbot supports many types of QR codes like website links, contact address book, calendar events, wifi hotspot access information, phone call information and email or SMS. The developers of the app are Teacapps. size of the app is 2.8 MB approx. So QRbot is one of the best barcode and QR code reader app.

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Here we have provided all the relevant information on the app. I hope you all like the article and found useful to you as well. So we must suggest you that download QRbot and try this app once. It is the best scanner to scan the QR codes and the barcodes. Safety-wise also this app is very good.

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