How you can use SuperSU Zip?

SuperSU Zip – How you can use SuperSU Zip?

SuperSu Zip is used to gain the root access but before that, you have to install the TWRP. After you need to install SuperSu and SuperSu is available on the Google play store but the version that available in the Google plays store will not give you the access to root the device.  but the zip file is available on that and w can flash it with TWRP. Download the zip file of the SuperSu Zip in your computer and then connect your mobile phone with the computer through the USB. After that drag the  SuperSu zip to the SD card of your phone. After that, you have to recover your phone with the TWRP.

How to install SuperSU Zip?

That recovery is being done differently on a different phone. Before doing the whole process just keep a thing in the mind that make battery backup if your data in TWRP. So you can get it. After that search for the SUPERSU zip file that you have been downloaded. Now tap on the zip file and then you can confirm the Flash. It will not take too much time to flash. Just wait for it. You will see wipe Cache option so just look for it when it will get complete and just tap on it and then swipe it to give the confirmation.

Well, SuperSu provides the root permission and gives the right to root access. And when you reboot your phone you will see a SuperSu icon in your device and SuperSu keeps the record of the apps that have root access. When an app wants to gain the root access when it comes to SuperSu and request for that through the request prompt.  When you have rooted the device then you can check the status of the device that it is rooted or not. If you want to manage the root access then open your app drawer and click on the SuperSU Zip icon. You can see the list of the app that you have granted the root permission and denied the root permission. If you want to change the permission of an app then click on the app.

One more thing that if you want to unroot the device then open the SuperSu app and then go into the setting and tap on the full unroot option. It is the easiest way to unroot the device. It is the user-friendly app and you can use it whenever you want to use it you can use it and provides you with various features and it is well managed for rooted device.

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