How you can use SuperSU Zip?

SuperSU Zip – How you can use SuperSU Zip?

SuperSu Zip is used to gain the root access but before that, you have to install the TWRP. After you need to install SuperSu and SuperSu is available on the Google play store but the version that available in the Google plays store will not give you the access to root the device.  but the zip file is available on that and w can flash it with TWRP. Download the zip file of the SuperSu Zip in your computer and then connect your mobile phone with the computer through the USB. After that drag the  SuperSu zip to the SD card of your phone. After that, you have to recover your phone with the TWRP.

How to install SuperSU Zip?

That recovery is being done differently on a different phone. Before doing the whole process just keep a thing in the mind that make battery backup if your data in TWRP. So you can get it. After that search for the SUPERSU zip file that you have been downloaded. Now tap on the zip file and then you can confirm the Flash. It will not take too much time to flash. Just wait for it. You will see wipe Cache option so just look for it when it will get complete and just tap on it and then swipe it to give the confirmation.

Well, SuperSu provides the root permission and gives the right to root access. And when you reboot your phone you will see a SuperSu icon in your device and SuperSu keeps the record of the apps that have root access. When an app wants to gain the root access when it comes to SuperSu and request for that through the request prompt.  When you have rooted the device then you can check the status of the device that it is rooted or not. If you want to manage the root access then open your app drawer and click on the SuperSU Zip icon. You can see the list of the app that you have granted the root permission and denied the root permission. If you want to change the permission of an app then click on the app.

One more thing that if you want to unroot the device then open the SuperSu app and then go into the setting and tap on the full unroot option. It is the easiest way to unroot the device. It is the user-friendly app and you can use it whenever you want to use it you can use it and provides you with various features and it is well managed for rooted device.

SuperSU Zip- Why we use SuperSU App?

SuperSU Zip- Why we use SuperSU App?

SuperSU Zip: Well I have found that it is the smartest and best approach to manage all the user access rights properly. The thing is that when you have rooted your device then it takes care of all user access rights and manage it. SuperSu has so many features on the basis this feature I can tell you that you have to use it once.  As it provides you the installer modifications means that install the different apps through the new process and it will not your lot of time.

5th most important function that performs by the SuperSu Zip is that it has the function of time management. And the second thing is that it can update your language files easily if you have downloaded different language files. It may happen that the binary update issue occurs sometimes but the SuperSu update it properly. SuperSu has the capability to keep track of the apps that you have granted the root permission and the apps for which you have not granted the permission.

SuperSU Zip Usage Tips

It allows you to give notification on each app and will help the superuser to access the device ad to do the login. And another thing is that you can work with non-standard shell location. If you want to unroot the device temporary then you can do it also and again you can root it. Well, it is necessary to root to the device but in any condition that you want to unroot it then you can do it easily.  As I told you so many characters and functionalities of the SuperSu have.

If will read the whole features then you will get to know that why you have to use it and what is the reason of that app is being used by so many people and gained the popularity. It is up to you that you want to use it or now. but personally, I will suggest you use this app once and get the benefits after that you will definitely use it.

Top 3 Alternative for SuperSu App

SuperSU is one of the world’s mainly well-liked tool intended for root apps. SuperSU App allows higher association of Superuser right of entry rights for all the apps on your device that require root a variety of ROM developers are now counting magisk in representative Roms. To origin the machine there are many be careful the majority well-organized one. It derives its fame and demand as of the huge compatibility it offers plus also for its safety mechanism.

SuperSU Download-

Unique Features of SuperSU for Android

Works at what time Android isn’t correctly booted
Superuser right of entry notifications
Per-app notification pattern
enduring unroot
provisional unroot
bottomless procedure
Works in recovery (no more segfaulting)
Always runs in ghost mode
Wake on prompt
Complete unroot

Top 3 Best Alternative Of SuperSU


It’s a comparatively original tool for customizing Android devices. It was urbanized by XDA Developer topjohnwu in 2016. Magisk is the worldwide Systemless border, to make a distorted mask of the system with no altering the scheme itself.

Is Magisk secure?

Magisk opens up your tool to a world of modification. plenty of useful modules can be set up correct at this time on XDA and in the Magisk Manager app. You can discover the modules inside the Manager app as of the slide-out menu. 100% fully open basis and simple to construct! MagiskSU Root organization, improve Magisk,

Advantages Of Magisk Root

The advantages of Magisk Roots are :

• You can sprint Banking Apps.
• You are able to play Pokemon Go
• You are able to use Snapchat.
• You are able to Install OTA updates.
• Install Systemless Xposed
• Bypass SafetyNet

2. Kingo Root

Kingo Android Root is a well-made, aesthetically pleasant application meant for Windows-based computers that forgo the device-specific way and offer to origin intended for a group of Android devices as of a diversity of manufacturer. KingoRoot for Android is the most excellent one-click root software/app with the maximum achievement speed.

Is KingoRoot secure?

Kingoroot is completely safe you be able to root your android with no any danger since Kingoroot app scores the maximum achievement rate compared to any other rooting app It is extra safe than an Android .apk file.

3. Superuser

It is an application for yielding and run Superuser rights for your Android phone. Apps that are decided so have eminent permissions and be able to adapt now concerning some fraction of the system. Superuser allows additional Apps Root right of entry. Advertisement Superuser is the primary app a user be supposed to install after root if the root method didn’t do it by now.

Is Superuser secure?

This is the safest root device for any Android. SuperSU Pro is a huge piece of work by the most important root growth team. lately, they free the next version of SuperSU Pro toward the public. PHP’s 100% open basis source Packed with my own policy-injection tools, which support live patching to work on small boot image devices

Download SuperSU Zip and Rooting with Custom Recovery [APK 2.82 & Zip]

SuperSU Zip

SuperSU Zip-

SuperSU Zip gives you a complete access and control on your Android device. you can keep the track of all the rooted granted apps from SuperSu Zip. SuperSU comes into the existence by chainfire. Developers launched the apps that manage all the action of the Superuser that access has complete right on the apps of your device.

SuperSu Zip will help you in the rooting and rooting is very much similar to jailbreaking. Actually, it is a way by which you can install unapproved apps, you can delete the bloatware from your device and it allows to update the OS, you can overclock and underclock the processor. In general, we can say that it can customize anything on your device.

   SuperSU Zip

SuperSU Zip Using Custom Recovery with Flashable Rooting

SuperSU Zip: Rooting allows smartphone, tablet, and other Android devices to attain complete access on their device which is known as Root access. Through the use of the rooting, you can remove the limitations that hardware maintainers and other developers put on the device and in the various apps. It gives you complete right to change the system and in other words, we can say that the inbuilt applications. You have several benefits to root the Android devices through the SuperSu Zip.

Like SuperSu Zip allows you to install the custom ROMs. you are able to install Xposed modules. It allows the flashing modding in the Zip file of your device. you can install MODS and kernel means that you can change the operating system. All the bloatware that comes to your device you can remove it.

New Features SuperSu Zip

SuperSU Zip-

  • Many Icons: the newer version of the SuperSU Zip contains many icons and themes so that user get attracted towards it.
  • Better management: it keeps the track of the all the Superuser access rights on the device and manages all these things properly.
  • Temporary unroot: momentarily unroot the device when it is required and allows to log =in when some event is performed and some action is done.
  • Design: it gives you a notification on every pre-design app. By the notification, you are always getting an update and ready to access the new features of it.
  • SuperUser: it notifies you whenever there is a requirement of access to the superuser.
    Conversion: the new feature of the SuperSu Zip has the capability to convert the normal app into the System App.
  • Detect: it contains the deep process detection by which you are they do the work of finding there are any unknown resources in the system or not.

Why have to prefer Supersu Zip for rooting

1. First thing is that it is reliable for Android devices because it works in an efficient manner and keeps your data safe doesn’t cause any disturbance in your Android device.
2. Works Flawlessly: SuperSU Zip works flawlessly as it supports all the apps and other MOD’s that really need privilege.

Download SuperSu Zip

   SuperSU Zip File

SuperSU Zip-

You can download the SuperSu Zip in two versions:-

On is the stable version and other is the beta version. The first one the stable have not any latest features and has some bugs but the Beta version has the newer features it also has some fixes but the beta version is more stable in comparison to the stable version. So, I will only tell about installation process of the beta version:

Some Instructions before SuperSU Zip (Beta version)-

In the first step you have to reflash the root system that are affecting each other. The installer used for this process will not removes as you are old root files. If the device’s root file get deleted in your system then the installation of the SuperSu Zip will not get successful.

  1. Firstly flash the stock system.
  2. Now flash the attached boot image.
  3. Now flash the SuperSu Zip in the TWRP.


  • Your device bootloader must be unlocked.
  • Your device must have TWRP recovery installed in it.
  • Make sure you have the latest ADB and fastboot installed in your device.
  • Latest USB drivers.

We will give you some steps to enable U debugging and OEM unlocking:

  • First of all go into the device setting and then scroll down to the bottom of it and now click on the about phone.
  • When click on the about phone then again scroll down and then click 7 times on the build number to enable developer’s option.
  • Now look for the developers option then enable USB debugging and OEM unlocking.
  • Don’t forget to enable advanced reboot option.
  • That’s it. Now you have enabled the USB debugging.

Unfortunately SuperSu Zip has stopped working:

After the installation of the SuperSU Zip sometimes an error occurred many users complaint that an error of “unfortunately SuperSu Zip has been occurred while using the root system SuperSU Zip. If you have the same problem then we will guide you in this post to overcome this error. Follow the below steps to fix the problem of unfortunately SuperSU has been stopped.

  • Download the latest update flashable SuperSU update package.
  • Copy the zip to your device and flash it using the custom recovery.
  • If don’t have a custom recovery in your device then extract the SuperSu Zip file and open the extracted folder.
  • Go to the folder named common and copy the Superuser.apk in your phone.
  • Enable the unknown resources option from the settings and install the Apk.
  • Then go to play store then download the SuperSU app.

No you can reboot the device and the error Unfortunately SuperSU has been stopped can be remove by your device and it is the easiest way to fix this error.

SuperSU Zip is the best one to root your device and it has some unique features so that user can get the most effective services and if you have any error in your device related to SuperSU Zip then we also have a solution for that.

SuperSU Pro Apk

SuperSu Pro Apk

SuperSU Pro-

SuperSu Pro Apk is the best rooting tool for the Android users and this tool enables you to advance management of the superuser access. SuperSU Pro comes in the Pro version. This new version will help in the system partition. SuperSu Pro Apk is also known by its another name called as Superuser access management tool. This tool will help in replacing all other application that you are using under extra benefits.

SuperSu Pro Apk has several different features in which it has fully colored coded command content loggings which is very useful in a lot of purposes. It has the PIN protection system in which it protects your device from malicious attacks and from any external threads. It also has an option of auto deny countdown. You can allow and you also a right to deny the root to the app for a particular period of time.

  Download SuperSu Pro

Some Amazing and Exciting Features of SuperSu Pro Apk

SuperSU Pro-

SuperSu Pro Apk has various unique features and this new features made a huge impact on the Android development community. It allows for the temporary unroot and allows access to the notifications. With the help of Pre-app notification, this app will help you to completely unroot your device.

There is an option for the icons and themes and here five options are available for you for selecting the icons and you can also choose the theme according to the choice from the four options. The best thing is that it has a backup script to survive it works well and efficiently even when the Android is not properly working.

The latest feature of the SuperSu Pro Apk is it has Su binary and Supolicy. When the system is in the less mode then Su binary option will come into the working mode. And it ensures some kind of path like /Su/bin. The Su policy ensures zero on allow for new rules and it allows to fix to parse multiple sources.

How to install the SuperSU Pro Apk

To install the SuperSu Pro Apk follow some steps and you can successfully install to it in your Android devices. SuperSu Pro Apk is freely available so that you can download it without the need to pay the amount for it. Firstly download the app and when you successfully download it and after that, you have to install the tool for your Android device. if this steps you can perform without any difficulty then you are at the end point of the procedure to install the SuperSu Pro Apk.

Now open the application sometimes, it may occur that it will say to you that SU binary files are updating. To ignore that situation you just need to tap on the continue button. All the process are completed and you can root your Android apps in your device.

Some Additional Benefits of SuperSU Pro Apk

One of the additional features is it has an option of auto deny countdown. It has full color-coded command content logging and of course, it provides protection to your system. It allows you to deny and allow the root for a fixed time period.

SuperSU Pro Apk has come in several changelogs. This option contains the capability to convert the normal app into the system app to ensure the trust of the system user without any confirmation.

In 2014 it contains some other features like automatic restart app if the theme and language were changed and comes with so many solutions like to fix the zygote crash.

In 2016 it contains some other features like it has great Su/GUI to improve responsiveness.
The official version is SuperSu but when the SuperSU has more advanced features then it’s new version is SuperSu Pro Apk.

How to get the SuperSU Pro Apk for Android

SuperSU Pro-

   SuperSU Pro Apk

You have to follow some steps so that you can get this app in our Android device. you can find this app on the Google play store but the Apk file is not available on the internet. Go into the search browser of the device and search for the SuperSU Pro Apk for Android. Then a lot of websites will come in front of you then you have to select the trusted website and look for the downloaded link there.

Now click on the downloaded link then start downloading.

Once the installation gets completed then tap on the icon to finish the installation process. Now you have to go into settings then allow for the unknown resources. After the installation gets completed you can enjoy the features of this app and able to root the apps in your device.

How to Access the SuperSu Pro Apk in Android

When you have successfully download it in your Android device then you have to know that how to use it. here we are providing you the steps to access this app in your device. just follow it carefully.

With the help of the tool list down the apps that you want to root. Now the first one that you eagerly want to root. In the next step go into the settings and enable the re-authentication option. This option will give you permission whenever the app is in the process or upgrading and reinstalled. Noe, you have to tap on the app that you want to root. And you enjoy the rooting and get the extra benefits in your device.

Final Words:

In the final words, I only want to say that the SuperSu Pro Apk is the best version of the SuperSu. With so many interesting and amazing features. You have yo use it in your Andriod device so that you can change the system settings and got the special privileges to access the apps and it is a well developed rooting tool that always gives you the best services. Chainfire recently launched the new version SuperSu Pro 2018 which also has unique characteristics like Supersu Pro Apk. It also gives its services free of cost. Hope you will like this post.

Download SuperSU Zip

Download SuperSU

Download SuperSu is a free utility that allows keeping track of all root granted apps on your device that requires root basically it gives you the complete control of your device. to manage the rooting the developers launch a mainstream app called SuperSU that is capable to manage superuser access rights on the apps of your device. SuperSu need a rooted device so your device must have an option of Root.

   Download SuperSU App

SuperSU Download Latest Version

If you want to root your phone then you are at the right place and here we will provide you with the guidance to Download SuperSu root. If you are an Android user then I hope you know the term Rooting. In the older days of the Android, there is no option of Rooting is available in the Smartphones means that you can not perform the alteration task but they include some software update options.

Android is an open source operating system which allows you to customize your phone beyond the developer’s limitations. If you have rooted your device then you are capable to perform a lot of operations. With the Root, you can remove the bloatware that comes on your phone, run a firewall, even if your carrier is blocking it.

SuperSU Latest Version 2.82

SuperSU Download-

Download SuperSu manually updates your system and gives you other system access. Before going to understand the installation of SuperSu we will look towards some points of SuperSu Root.

If you don’t have any idea about rooting and how to install the SuperSU in the device then we will give you complete guidance on this topic. There are two methods to install the SuperSU App in your device.
Before going to download I want to warn you that install the app carefully and follow the steps with more attention because if you will do anything wrong then your system may get some kind of distortion. So be careful while downloading it.

Install the SuperSU ZIP with TWRP recovery

SuperSU Download-

   SuperSU Root File

  • To install the SuperSu zip in your device then you need a TWRP recovery so make sure that your system has it.
  • Download the latest SuperSU zip from the below link.
  • Now move the SuperSu zip file in your internal memory.
  • Switch off your phone.
  • Boot your phone into recovery by pressing “volumedown+power” button at the same time. In some, you can use the recovery menu by pressing Volumeup+ power button.
  • In TWRP click on the install menu and browse and select SuperSu zip.
  • Now swipe to install SuperSu.
  • If you have correctly done the things then root started to work properly.
  • To verify, go to the Google Play and download the Root Checker App to check the root status. If root checker says access is available then you can enjoy the amazing features of SuperSu root.

This the complete process to install the SuperSU App in your device but if you want to uninstall it because of some reasons then you can uninstall it. We also provide you with the guidance to uninstall the SuperSu App.

Uninstall the SuperSu App

  • Open the SuperSu App.
  • Go into the setting option.
  • Scroll down then look for the Cleanup option.
  • To uninstall the SuperSu click on the Full root option.
  • You will a confirmation message.
  • Click on continue.
  • Now Reboot your phone. That’s it now you have successfully uninstalled SuperSu App.

Key Features of SuperSu App

Access loggings- SuperSu allows the users for access logging so that only authenticated user can perform the alteration task in your system.
Temporary Unroot- SuperSu allows its users to temporary unroot SuperSu. If you want to do it then that option is also available for you and you can do it.
Permanent Unroot- if the user wants to unroot the SuperSu App permanently then the user can do it.
Detection- SuperSu performs the detection by which deep process detection in which they detect for any unknown is present in the device or not.
Works well- SuperSu Root works well even if the Android is not booted properly and properly works even if the system works very slow.
This is some highlighted features of SuperSu. You can get the complete advantages if you will use and you can know some features of it.

Latest SuperSU APK Download

When you have root access to your device then you get the access as Superuser. You will get a lot of possibilities to perform the unperformed task. This gives you capabilities to flash Custom ROM or custom kernel of your device. on a rooted device, your battery will last for a longer time and this feature of SuperSu App will increase the efficiency of your Phone.
Always keep a thing in your mind that rooting and hacking is not the same thing. Rooting gives you the control of your device and makes your device more efficient and secure as well as faster. Well to make the use of the Rooting you have to use some kind of tool.
You can download the app at free of cost and you can download it from our website also.

How to Root your Android phone

If you are using Nexus, Pixel, Oneplus, LG then the process will quite straightforward. If you are using some other brand then the process is quite harder.

Let’s see the process

  • Open a new browser tap then go to the XDA developers forum and search for your device.
  • XDA is the great community resource for everything related to rooting, modding and custom ROM’s.
  • Alternatively, you can search on Google play store and YouTube for how to unlock a bootloader. The steps are different for different devices.
  • On your OC you have to install ADB and Fast boot drivers. In your, Smartphone enables USB debugging.
  • When your phone is connected to the PC keep it in the Flash boot mode and use the command prompt to send the commands to your smartphones. By this, you can unlock the bootloader and install a custom recovery like TWRP.
  • Boot into the TWRP custom recovery flash the SuperSu file that you have copied you’re the device. run the root checker app to check the root access.