SuperSu App for Facebook Lite

SuperSu App is a well-known app for the rooting purpose and provides you the superuser access rights in your device and gives you all the privileges. Suppose that you have done rooting for one device then it will give you pop up message as a notification for the app and it gives you so many features like if you have rooted one app then you can to unroot it again.  Another thing is that it will keep track of all the apps you have downloaded in your device and   it has one more feature by which it can keep the track of the data every app has used and  one more thing  is that you can allow the data to every app  means that you can assign some amount of data to each and every app and  that app will use only  the particular amount of the data you have assigned.

SuperSu App for Facebook Lite

By the SuperSu you can provide the root access to the Facebook lite and you can allow it to use what amount of data it can access from your device. SuperSu App for Facebook Lite will update your device and when your Android is not working properly then it will provide the support to your device. There is also an auto play setting provided by the SuperSu and you can play the videos automatically and you can mute it automatically. You can not directly download the SuperSu from the Google Play store and you need to require to download Emulator first and with the help of the emulator, you can download the SuperSu. SuperSu is the best option for those who want to root the device.

Actually, it is the Super User management access right and it will provide you with the tools for the access rights. It is a best rooting app and there are so many rooting devices are available on the market but the SuperSu is the best app to root the device and provides you the services. It allows you to do the Temporary rooting and Permanent rooting. You can to it with the help of the SuperSu and it gives you the best result. You can use Bluestacks and another emulator. But the Bluestack is the best app to download the SuperSu.  You can manage all the apps through the SuperSu.

Get SuperSu App for Facebook Lite

Well, I want to conclude that the SuperSu App is the best app for the facebook lite if you want to root it and you can use it. And Aptoide is also the best app for facebook lite to download it and it is the best app for the user and you don’t need to pay any cost for it and it will give you the benefits so I recommend you to you use it. Hope you will get all the details and information. If you have any query then you can ask us.

SuperSu for PUBG Download

SuperSu is the best tool for rooting and you can get the superuser access rights for the different apps. Well, most of the user is not aware of the rooting but the rooting is the process to gain the access to the main system and you can do everything that you want to do in your system. It will allow you to change the apps into the system based apps. You can simply search the apps which you have allowed for the rooting you can do the temporary rooting as well as permanent rooting and the best thing is that if you have allowed one app for the rooting then you can take the permission back from that app and you can unroot the app permanently.  You can download SuperSu through the APK and through the TWRP recovery mode.

SuperSu for PUBG Download

If you have downloaded the PUBG in your device then you want to give the root access then you can give it through the SuperSu for PUBG. Well there are so many rooting apps are available in the market but the SuperSu is the best app for rooting your device. you can simply check for which app you have given the root permission and for which device you have given the root permission.

It will keep the backup of your phone and it will not cause any damage to your device instead of that you need to go for the security purpose you need to take the backup of your device so that your important data will remain in safe. It gives you so many themes so that you can select any of them according to your choice. When your Android is not working properly then it will work properly and provides the support.

Get SuperSu for PUBG Download

For downloading the SuperSu for PUBG you have to go into the settings in the security after that you have to allow the unknown resources. And then for downloading the SuperSu, you have to download the latest version of the Apk of the SuperSu and then can root the device. but remember one thing that when you choose an app for rooting the device it will damage the warranty of the phone.


So I personally recommend you to download you to download the PUBG and for the rooting purpose, you will use the SuperSU.  SuperSU has the great compatibility and lot of features provided for the user and you can take the advantage for rooting the device and it will not support to the irritating ads sometimes it may happen that there are a lot of unnecessary ads comes when we open the sites.  Hope that you will get all information regarding this and get the complete detail of superuser and PUBG.

SuperSu App for Pokemon Go

SuperSu App: SuperSu App for Pokemon Go, If you have downloaded the Pokemon Go in your  IOS or Android device then if you want to give it the root access then it is the best option for you to provides the root access. As it will give you the super access rights and gives you the benefits to manage and arrange all the apps and provides them rooting. You can keep the track of the all apps that you have granted the root permission. Well, the Pokemon Go will have the capability to do the scanning of the internal storage of the files and directories that are present in your rooted device. one more thing that wants to inform is that the Pokemon Go doesn’t have the storage permission on Android. If you will try to do that then it gives you an error. It will not confirm you that the file exists or not. Some games want rooting because they want to develop a method by which they can hide their rooting status. But there are so many phones which are block but are not rooted.

SuperSu App for Pokemon Go

Well, you can temporarily root your device and you can permanently root your device or the games it totally depends upon you. It will work properly if Android is not rooted correctly. The SuperSu allows you to convert the system app properly.  It allows you to select the themes from the option and you can select any themes from it. And it is always run in the ghost run. Suppose you want to unroot the device completely then you can do it too. You have to select an icon for it and otherwise, it is invisible.

Features of SuperSu App for Pokemon Go:

  • With the help of SuperSu App, you can root Pokemon Go.
  • SuperSu is the Best rooting tool for Pokemon Go with all other games.
  • Through this tool your phone it doesn’t harm.
  • In this tool, there are so many rooting tools available.

Get SuperSu App for Pokemon Go

Rooting is the process which has been developed so that they can restrict the control of the Android. Suppose if any user wants to do the customization in their phone then it will put the rest restriction on it and doesn’t allow it to do anything. Well, SuperSu is the Safest tool for rooting the device and doesn’t cause any harm to your phone. There are so many rooting is available in the market but people usually prefer to sue the Download SuperSU App as it gives you so many benefits to them.  You can root the Pokemon Go with the help of the SuperSu.

When you will use some other rooting tool then it may happen that your data will get disappeared and it will put a negative impact on your operating system as your operating system may get crash.  But if are using the SuperSu then you will not face any other problem in the rooting system. Hope you will like this post and in future, if you want to root any device then you will definitely use SuperSu for it and I am damn sure that you will get a positive result so I personally recommend you to use it.

SuperSu App for Clash of Clans

SuperSu App: When you feel boring and you don’t have to do anything then you will start looking for some games just to spare the time. and there are a lot of games are available and among this games Clash of clans is the best game to kill the time.  When you play this game and you want to provide root access to this game then you can do it with the help of the SuperSu App and it will provide you the Super access rights and you can root it. It is very easy to provide rooting for any game all you need to do is just go to the trustable website and then download the SuperSu  tool and before downloading this app you need to allow the unknown resources from the settings means that you need to go into  the settings and in security  check on the installation from unknown resources. You for the installation of the SuperSu App you can install it directly can open it can click on the rooting. Well, SuperSu Clash of clans is the video game in which people from the different communities and background can join the game and can play it together. In this game  you have to achieve the targets and attack on the enemy so that you can beat them and can achieve the coins gems and so many things in this when you will  win the battle then you can get the advantages and that advantages will give  you the benefits to  do the fighting  with enemies.. it is a very interesting game  to play and you don’t need to pay any cost to download this game and when you will play it you will enjoy it very much.

SuperSu App for Clash of Clans

People from various background come and join the game at any time they will help you to kill the time and when you will start playing it then you will become an addict of it. There is a hero in this game which is called as a master builder and that builder will help you to do the fighting and to allows to win in the game. Hence the greatest thing is that you will love it and this is the best app to kill the game. There are seven stages are found in the game when you will win the stages then you get the privileges and when you will root this through the SuperSu App and it becomes for you to manage all the app and games in your smartphones.  You can provide the root access to the game and if you want you can give it temporary root access to the games or the apps. Well, it is a complete package to enjoy so you can try it.

SuperSu for PUBG

SuperSu: To discuss the SuperSu PUBG firstly we will discuss the SuperSu that what is the SuperSu and how we can use it and why it is important for us. The main of choosing the SuperSu and to use the SuperSu is that it helps in rooting our smartphones and it allows us to choose the theme and it also allows you to convert the apps into the system app so that you can use the app easily and it makes the usage of the app easier. We can design the usage of the phone from our choice.  You can allow root permission for some apps or you can keep the record of the app that for which app you have to give the permission and for which app you have not given the permission.

SuperSu App

Suppose you have not given root permission for some individual app then you can give the root permission to that app and you want to take permission back you can do it too. And to download the SuperSu app you need to download the zip file of the SuperSu. Here with the help of this app, you can play the most interesting game like PUBG.   In today’s date, everyone is aware of the game and very fond of playing the PUBG. When you will start paying this game you will start to become an addict of this game. You can give the super rights or some permission through this app. The full content and the interface of the SuperSu is colorful and attractive and when you will start using this app then you don’t need to create an account and do any registration process.

Best Features of SuperSu PUBG:

  • It is completely Secure Application.
  • It is Secure and Trusted Application.
  • Through SuperSu, you can temporarily and permanently root any device.
  • Its application is not harmed your data and device.

Get SuperSu for PUBG

It is completely secure and you can download it from any trustable website.  You can temporarily root any device or you can permanently root any of the devices. it gives you the superuser access rights. It gives you the PIN rights too. It is completely secure and safe from the data point of view and doesn’t harm your data. It has the capability to work in the recovery mode means that if any recovery is required then you can do that. One suggestion that I want to give you is that keep the backup of the data your mobile phones so that you will not lose the data if any distortion occurs.   When you have lots of games in your mobile phones and you want to give super access rights to any one of the apps then you can easily do it without any long procedure.  It also gives you the backup script so that you can take the lost data easily.  There are various versions of the SuperSu is available in the market that gives you some advantages and some more cool features. Hope you will like it and use this app for rooting purpose and to give the superuser access rights. Hope you will like this post.

SuperSU 2.78 Apk Download

SuperSu App is a ‘superuser’ administration tool that allows you to administer the privileges enjoyed by all of the apps you have installed. Basically, it gives you total control over your Android device. For root, your apps SuperSu App is one of the world’s most popular tool. SuperSu allows the advanced level of management for a superuser that means a superuser can access rights for all the apps on your device that need root.

The SuperSu is very popular and well known in the international security field and it has a great work advantage SuperSu has good compatibility and the best thing is there are no ads. SuperSu 2.78 has become a great tool for tech gurus, gamers and Android developers around the world because it fixes some android upgraded compatibility issues that occur in some  Nougat firmware in various devices.

SuperSU App 2.78

Some modifications that SuperSu makes to SELinux combined with stricter service execution rules in Nougat. The SuperSu updated version also modified absence of explicit security labels in the startup scripts of some firmware, could lead to some scripts not being executed. On many firmware, this issue didn’t occur at all, but on some (S7 Nougat Beta, CM14.1/RR-N on various devices)it occurs and because of this issue it could lead to Wi-Fi, cellular, and other modem-related features not working.

Forget rid of some annoying popups the SuperSu GUI is changed, this change allows now to disable Samsung’s SecurityLogAgent component as part of disabling KNOX. The company has also released a custom package for gaining root access to the HTC 10‘s new Nougat update

Chainfire started work on getting SuperSu compatible with the Pixel and Pixel XL.there have been some other fixes for things like sukernel, supolicy, suinit, and making sure SuperSu worked alongside TWRP as soon.

Most of the changes in this update are related to the A/B partition layout of the Pixel phones, but that it included some additional fixes as well. A little change we’re told about is a System bind, and how SuperSu has now replaced the /system to /system_root/system symlink with a bind mount for devices that have the A/B partition layout (like we see in the Pixel and Pixel XL). This change fixes the absolute paths to something that Android actually expects and as a result, it has fixed the System UI crash issue when the battery dropped to 15%. Chainfire says this will also fix some root apps that manipulate the /system partition as well.

SuperSu 2.78 has minor changed at the security level,  Coding Code Mobile Technology (CCMT) is very concerned about safeguarding the confidentiality of your information, it not collect Personal Information, and employ administrative, physical and electronic measures designed to protect your Non-Personal Information from unauthorized access and use. Please be aware that no security measures that we take to protect your information are absolutely guaranteed to avoid unauthorized access or use of your Non-Personal Information which is impenetrable.


  • File-based-encryption support
  • CCMT: Add privacy policy dialog
  • CCMT: Update translation files
  • su+gui: support /system_root paths
  • sukernel: add kernel binary extract/replace
  • sukernel: add kernel cmdline extract/replace
  • sukernel: add system_root import
  • sukernel: add slot-kernel patch
  • sukernel: support /boot paths
  • suinit: new binary component
  • ZIP: Support for A/B slot systems with/inside system partition

The rest of the changelog is as below:

  • subinary: Adjust app_process detection with manipulated mount namespaces
  • subinary: Adjust Zygote PID detection to prefer 64-bit
  • subinary: Fix possible NPE in LD_PRELOAD sanitization
  • subinary: In systemless mode, ensure PATH contains/su/bin and /su/xbin
  • supolicy: Ensure zero-on-allow for new rules
  • supolicy: Fix parsing allowxperm with multiple sources/targets in a single definition
  • ZIP/Systemless: Give su.d 60 seconds to execute (from 4 seconds)
  • Fix ‘Full Unroot’ on slot-based systems
  • supolicy: adjust priv_app policy to be able to call us
  • launch_daemonsu: adjust su.img size detection

SuperSU Rooting Master – SuperSU Pro

SuperSU Rooting Master – SuperSU Pro


SuperSu: SuperSu Rooting Master is the best tool for rooting your smartphone it gives you all the managing rights for all the applications in your Android device. The keeps the record of the rights and maintains a record. It will ask you again and again for any particular app that you have to want to root it or not. If you have upgraded any app that you have installed previously then you can root it with the help of SuperSu rooting master.

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SuperSU Lite App for Mobile & PC

SuperSU Lite App for Mobile & PC


SuperSu: Well if you want to root your mobile phones and modify your tablets then SuperSu lite is the best option for you to root your device. because everyone wants to root their phones with reliable devices. SuperSu lite is the trustable device. it will not cause any harm to your device so that you can easily use it and it will give you an amazing experience for the modification. It is the best rooting tool I have seen before.

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How you can use SuperSU Zip?

SuperSU Zip – How you can use SuperSU Zip?

SuperSu Zip is used to gain the root access but before that, you have to install the TWRP. After you need to install SuperSu and SuperSu is available on the Google play store but the version that available in the Google plays store will not give you the access to root the device.  but the zip file is available on that and w can flash it with TWRP. Download the zip file of the SuperSu Zip in your computer and then connect your mobile phone with the computer through the USB. After that drag the  SuperSu zip to the SD card of your phone. After that, you have to recover your phone with the TWRP.

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SuperSU Zip- Why we use SuperSU App?

SuperSU Zip- Why we use SuperSU App?

SuperSU Zip: Well I have found that it is the smartest and best approach to manage all the user access rights properly. The thing is that when you have rooted your device then it takes care of all user access rights and manage it. SuperSu has so many features on the basis this feature I can tell you that you have to use it once.  As it provides you the installer modifications means that install the different apps through the new process and it will not your lot of time.

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