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SuperSu is one of the best app to root apps. Super Su allows latest management of Super user access rights for all the apps on your device that need the root. It has great importance in the field of international security and it has great influence. It doesn’t contain any ads and great compatibility. SuperSu is a very amazing tool for Android developers and gamers.

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What is Rooting?

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Rooting is the process in which the users of the Smartphone, tablets and other devices that consists Android mobile operating system has some special privileges over the various Android subsystem.

SuperSu Root is the process that overcome the problems that are imposed by carriers and hardware manufactures put on some devices. It allows the users to do the change the system settings and applications. It allows it’s users to run special application that require some Administrative level permission. You can also perform some task that are not performed by normal Android user.

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Download SuperSU Rooting an Android phone provides the user with full access to the device, not just to those settings considered safe by the developer. SuperSU has been developed as an easy alternative to unlock the full power of your phone. Among the benefits of rooting an Android phone is access to a whole new set of apps that cannot be installed unless the device is unlocked; and these open the door for extended functionality of the phone.

Policy of Super Su

  • Security and privacy is the major concern of the users and this privacy policy applies to your all the application on the all the platform.
  • Mostly of our apps do not share and transmit the unique and confidential information of you and your device. but some apps do so with the help of third party component.
  • Keep a thing in your mind that no app collect and transmit the information to our own servers. It is not the thing that we want to do. If someone uses the sensitive information then definitely that task is being done by code provided by third party and transmitted to their servers.
  • In this page we will tell you about the worst scenario when you will use all the apps together.
  • Second thing that if you want to check you have a valid license or not for a paid apps and in paid apps your device’s serial number and account number must be checked against it. This process is handled by our apps and but actually that task is done by the store application rather than app itself.
  • Now we talk about the stores the stores you download and install our apps can track the all sorts of privacy sensitive information. Like you can understand through the example when you download the Super Su from Google Play store then Google Play Store keeps the record of the sensitive information. While that thing is not directly related to our app, our apps may request to store to check if you own a valid license, which in turn causes the stores to collect and transmit the information to the stores servers.
  • We can not control the action of other user with whom you are sharing your information . we are not able to control the information you share with other user with the help of some application and website. And how much other user will use that information. We are not responsible for third party circumvention of our security measures.
  • As you can not send us sensitive information like political opinion, religion and other beliefs.
  • The development of privacy policy is updated with the development of the Super Su.

Consequence of SuperSu Root

  1.  It allows you to run the special apps on your device.
  2. Delete and remove the unnecessary files and folders from your smart devices.
  3. It allows you to root the device with SuperSu Root.
  4. The life of the battery increases and improves the performance of the device by speeding up its performance.
  5. All the unnecessary ads can be blocked.
  6. Install custom ROM’s.
  7. Storage of the app doesn’t consume a lot of space and saves internal storage.
  8. SuperSu Root has a very interactive user interface.
  9. You will have complete Root access to Android operating system.

SuperSu Zip Details

Version2.82 (282)
Size5.9 MB
UpdatedMarch 26, 2018
Download TypeFree

   SuperSu Zip File for Rooting

How to Root your Android Device with SuperSu Root ?

  • Firstly make sure that you have a USB cable because you have to connect smart phone with the computer to access the internet connection.
  • Download and install SuperSu Root version available.
  • You have to update the required USB drivers.
  • Send the installed file to external memory.
  • Now restart your smartphone.
  • Make a backup of your device otherwise you will lose your data
  • Active TWRP recovery mode on your device.
  • Open the SuperSu Root application.
  • Your mobile phone will start identifying so let the process to complete.
  • After the completion of above process rooting tool will download and installed in your device.
  • After the completion of installing your device will restart again.
  • Go to the home screen of the device and search for SuperSu Root app.
  • When you found the app you can enjoy the amazing feature of the SuperSu Root application.

How Rooting Actually works ?

Usually rooting is three step process which includes: unlock the boot loader, flash a new recovery, then use the new recovery to flash the ZIP file that will you the root access.
Very first thing that you require is the boot loader. For some of the famous devices there is some kind of workaround to unlock the boot loader. Before going to proceed check that boot loader is blocked in your device you can check it by Google search.
Next step is that to switch on the custom recovery from the system recovery. Third party like TWRP allows you to do it like flash ZIP’s , Execute commands , make backups. We will use new recovery top Flash ZIP’s.
Once you are running a recovery like TWRP then you are able to flash SuperSu file that gives you root access. If you will reboot your device then you will find that nothing has changed. Now you have the powers to the desire changes.

Final Words : As I have told you everything about the SuperSu Root. It is very important in the security aspects. You should have to use it once to gain the special root access.

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